AK47 feminized Seeds

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AK 47 Feminized specifications

THC 25%

CBD 0.48%

Indica 75%

Sativa 25%

Yield Indoor 700 Grams (25 ounces) m2

Yield Outdoor 900 Grams (32 ounces) m2

Height Indoor 80 cm

Height Outdoor 200 cm

Flower time 7 to 8 weeks

Harvest month September

Difficulty moderate

product price is as: per Seed
Minimum order quantity is: 5 Seeds


AK 47 Feminized description

AK47 feminized is a well-known and multiple award winning Indica / Sativa hybrid that was first grown in 1992 and refined by Serious Seeds into it’s current incarnation. This is the most awarded strain in history!

Smokers all over the world have fallen in love with it’s strong smell and relaxing, balanced head / body high.

AK47 feminized is notorious for it’s high thc percentage and mellowing effects so rookies beware: this stuff turns you into a couch potato if you smoke too much.

A great smoke for hanging out with friends, this is one of the best social marijuana strains we offer.

Growers info:

It’s a very hardy plant and grows extremely well indoors and out.

Small height makes it good for growers with less space. Beware: This is a VERY pungent strain so make sure you can control the smell.

A quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks. It’s a high yielder with a high reputation for consistent yields and flowering times