Blueberry Kush

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Strain Type : Indica
Flowering Time: 6 – 10 weeks

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Blueberry Kush is most widely known for the unique flavor of its smoke that starts off with the familiar distinctive Kush overtone blended with a signature Skunk taste that then tapers off into a wonderful and lingering earthy blueberry aftertaste. Apparently, it’s the pothead’s version of the “tutti-frutti.”

Reputed to be a good medical strain, Blueberry Kush joins the ranks of many others as another excellent high quality Kush hybrid. Apart from the distinctive aroma and flavor described above, Blueberry Kush is also famous for its long and extremely enjoyable high. It produces an incredibly relaxing experience of a lengthy “body high” that is excellent for winding down.

The Blueberry Kush plant has buds similar to a typical kush bud that can develop into different colors depending on the strain and on the growing conditions of the plant. Blueberry Kush can take on blue and purple tones that can range from lavender to maroon on the top layer of the plant while the layer underneath the canopy can retain some vibrant green shades. The plant growth of the Blueberry Kush can often be sporadic with periodic spurts leading to a flowering period that can take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. Though the size of the Blueberry Kush yield is average compared to other strains, its quality is consistently ranked among the best.